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Disha Child Guidance and Care:

It is a child guidance center mainly for children with behavior problems, slow learners, conduct Disorder, Restlessness, Hyperactive Or Communication problem. We take individual attention, unfolding a children’s capabilities, increasing his power of attention & concentration, creating interest in his studies through special games, eliminating him from phobia regarding his studies .In group sessions a child is asked to perform in acting in role modeling &learn the necessary behaviors so that he can overcome all his conduct disorders.

The activities of DISHA are: Social Skills Training, Counseling, Drawing & Painting, Music, Origami, Games To Increase Attention & Concentration, Computer Training, Story Telling, Problem Solving skills, Handicrafts, etc.

Children learn more in a group through games &other interactive activities. When a child arrives with a problem, group-counseling works more with play therapy & innovative games typically designed according to the problems of the children. School-phobia, conduct disorder, slow learner, attention deficit disorder, temper tantrums, all can be handled through role playing & some special games. Special games in computers help these children to get rid of spelling problems & other learning problems. Learning becomes a pleasurable activity of a child &he overcomes the ‘fear’ related to it. We intend scope for building International Educational Institutions for mentally challenged children who have discontinued school due to learning disabilities, slow learning, dyslexia, and hyperactivity, conduct disorder, regression, etc.


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