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A new rehabilitation center has been opened

A new rehabilitation center has been opened which would be run by dedicated people from the community who are trained for the purpose. Surveillance & guidance would be given through Skype & Internet.

Turning Point is an organisation working relentlessly for the growth, development & overall rehabilitation of people suffering from chronic mental illness. We are working in this field for last fifteen years & so far been able to help a number of unfortunate victims of mental illness come back to the main stream of life, get a job or start earning their own livelihood after the vocational trainings that they have received in our center. In a nutshell to transform from being a burden of the society to being an independent productive member again is our domain of work Apart from this work we are also regularly involved in awareness program on mental health through which people come to know about how to promote positive mental health & remain healthy.
Turning Point is recipient of following Awards-David Feinsilver Award (Australia), Barbo Sandin award (Denmark), 2nd place in international e- health award at Amsterdam, Manthan award, Good Governance award, UGC-CEC award, Hellen keller Award, e-India Award, 1st place in Boston Pledge entrepreneurship development competition.

Ishita Sanyal
Founder Director
Turning Point



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