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Transforming roles from patient to performer-watch their stories

Nusrat's story - Written by Ken Kurzweil of PWB

Being born with both mental and physical challenges can be difficult for families anywhere in the world. In India, because of a lack of resources and understanding, many people with these challenges often face isolation, negative stigmas and a difficult if not impossible road to acceptance, success and happiness.

Nusrat was born with significant physical and mental challenges into a Muslim family. Doctors told her parents that there was no way to help her and that she would live her life without any opportunity for independence or productivity. For many years, though she attended school, Nusrat lived an unhappy, secluded life in her home.

During her late teenage years, something inside Nusrat told her that there was more that she could do and that she could be helped. She had dreams of a positive future that she wanted fulfilled. She heard about the Turning Point from someone at school and on two occasions snuck out to see what the Turning Point was all about. She talked to her parents about it, but they were not receptive to the idea of her attending the program there. Over time, her father became more curious and also secretly visited the Turning Point. He became convinced that the program could help her and both he and his wife enrolled Nusrat in the Turning Point.

Over the course of a number of years with the Turning Point, with their amazing support, with support from her family, and with Nusrat’s determination, her life has been transformed. Prior to enrolling in the Turning Point, one of Nusrat’s hands was limp and barely functional. With basic physical therapy,exercise and strong will, Nusrat is now doing beautiful hand stitching of all kinds. When given the choice between walking a long distance or being driven there, Nusrat always chooses to walk even though one leg is impaired.

Most wonderful about meeting Nusrat is her beautiful positive attitude and pride she has for all of her accomplishments. Her contagious smile filled with laughter spreads to everyone when she talks about or is told about her accomplishments. Most touching were the comments by her very supportive and proud parents who told me that before she entered the program at the Turning Point, they worried constantly about what would happen to Nusrat after they died. Now, they are confident that she can and will live a happy, productive and independent life after they are gone. Dreams can come true with the right support and determination.

Piu's story-Piu was restless & aggressive. She was never happy. She would not follow any instruction, had difficulty to concentrate & never showed any signs of interest in the surrounding world. It was difficult to make her participate in the day to day routine activities of Turning Point in the beginning.

Now, she generally follows instruction, developed the motivation to learn,thinks rationally, participates in discussion & debates, enjoys movement therapy & social Therapy games & learns music with interest. She even focuses on computer & spoken English.

Deepan Khastagir came to Turning Point encircled in his obsessive thoughts his fearful anger.He is a transformed young adult now. He is aware of his symptoms, grown the desire to fight back obsession & has an intense desire to move forward.He can now independently evaluate his fellow classmates & ties to motivate them too.

He was overwhelmed when he received a prizei n a photography competition & was offered a mike to press his feelings.He never ever thought that he could be a speaker in a public forum some day.
This initiated his hidden talents & he wants to develop & move forward. At present he is pursuing a computer course & enjoying his regular classes at Turning Point.



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