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  Achievements Of Turning Point :

1) Till date hundreds of mentally ill person are getting rehabilitation, training from Turning Point. Many of them are doing jobs mainly associated with Computer after completion of Computer training.

2) Many of them have stared their education again.

3) Many of them are doing tuitions to earn their own livelihood

4) Few women from Turning Point are appointed as teachers in some renowned school.

5) Few of them are associated with Turning point & regularly earning their own livelihood through handicrafts, fabric & other creative works. The products of Turning point are sold at the shop Akriti at City Center & the beneficiaries earn their livelihood through it.

6) Turning point has also published a book “Abujh Mon” depicting how the illness affects the whole society. It gives the first hand account of the horrifying experience of two sufferers in a mental asylum & how painful it is for them to overcome the symptoms of illness. It also describes the helplessness of a spouse once her husband starts suffering from paranoid tendencies. It depicts how a family gets disintegrated & parent’s start spending sleepless nights once their child starts suffering form this illness.

7) Turning point has also directed a small documentary “ from Dusk to Dawn” fro awareness about the illness.

8) Ishita Sanyal, secretary Turning point has received Manthan Award.

9) She has received David Feinsilver award for her research works.

10) She has received UGC-CEC Educational Video Competition award for best programme in social sciences

11) Turning Point started the first Parent’s group at Kolkata.

12) Turning point has also initiated NAMI, Kolkata

Dreams of turning point:

As occupational therapy is the ultimate measure to solving mental problems, we want to establish a working-cum residential community for the mentally ill where we would work & get paid to support ourselves. The society could be founded with Bengali traditional ambience, catering to the utilities of the outside world as also serving as an international tourist spot with Indian amenities. If multinationals / investors contribute to our idea, not only, not only the percentage of the formidable money yielded may be shared amongst the investors, us, & TURNING POINT, but we also that we would find shelter in this world. Fears about our financial future would also find solution, providing us occupation through this innovative business-like outlook toward rehabilitation of the mentally ill.  

We want to establish international network for mutual assistance & development of rehabilitation. We also aspire to publish our challenging experiences in all languages as a contribution to the world of mental health. One book is already compiled & anyone interested may contact. 

We intend scope for building international educational institutions for mentally challenged children who have discontinued school due to learning disabilities, slow-learning, dyslexia, hyperactivity, conduct disorder, regression, etc. 

No. of person Their achievements
15 Are employed
5 Engaged as tutors
15 Completing their studies
45 Doing Handicrafts works & selling it
35 Engaged in computer training
25 Under Social Rehabilitation Training
10 Acting as resource person
5 House wife





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