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Turning Point-Annual activity Report : 2005-2006

Model Rehabilitation Programme- Inclusion & adaption of parts of Rehabilitation Programme of Turning Point as an ideal module rehabilitation training programme for the developing countries was done by the biggest International Organisation –WFSAD (World Fellowship for Schizophrenia & Allied Problem). They have adapted it in their Education Programme & implementing it in all developing countries successfully. They have already started their work in Ethiopia with a very successful result. The report of it is enclosed here with.

International Papers-Presentation of a paper was done by the Secretary, Turning Point ( Ishita Sanyal) at Netherland in a conference organized by ICMCC-(The International council on Medical Care & Compunetics) & inclusion of the paper was done in their book published by them. The paper would also be published in another International book due to Novelty of its idea & approach.

Providing International Trainings-Awareness Training on Mental Health was given to doctors of Aga Khan Foundation (An International Organisation) at Afghanistan. The second training would also be start very soon.

Presenting papers in International conferences-Three papers were presented at Madrid conference which was organized by ISPS ( The International Society for the Psychological Treatments of The Schizophrenias & other Psychoses).

The papers were:-

a) Child Abuse- A precurser to Mental illness
b) Responsibility, Reward & Rehabilitation – the three R’s in the process of recovery of Mentally ill.
c) A Creative & Comprehensive Play Therapy Approach for New Millennium children.

Chapters in International book- The Secretary Turning Point has written three chapters in International books, two of which is yet to be published.

Mental Health ‘of the people, by the people and for the people’ is to be to be published by World Health Organisation-(WHO)
“Integration of Psychotherapy in concept change within a culture- India”
- is also to be published in another International book.

Annual Cultural Programme – Annual cultural programme was held at Swabhumi on 7th May. It started with programmes of children to be followed by young adult beneficiaries of Turning Point. Disability Commissioner was the Chief Guest of the programme. A good report of the programme was published in newspaper.

Annual Magazine- Annual magazine was published on the same day which is written by the beneficiaries, parents of our Self help group & Executive members of Turning Point.

Annual Sports –Annual Sports was organized at Jadavpur Sanskritik Sandhya club on 31st January. Participants came from different organisations of Kolkata like Baul Mon, Antara etc.

Exhibition & Sale at City Center, Akriti- Exhibitions were held at City center at the shop named Akriti where the products of Turning Point are sold throughout the year. Like the previous years the exhibition was a great success. Our beneficiaries who have made those products were present in the stall in all the 10 days of our exhibition.

Exhibition & Sale – Exhibition & sale of our products were done twice in our center, twice at Rotary club premises during their Annual exhibitions. Turning Point will also participate in the cultural programmes & exhibition at The Rehabilitation Center near Majherhat bridge on September.

Human Rights workshop- Participation in workshop organized by Sruti on Human Rights of Disabled person.

Participation of beneficiaries in a workshop- Beneficiaries themselves participated in a workshop organized by Jadavpur University on the hazards of disabled life & how to overcome it.

Participation in a workshop organized jointly by Education department & Disability Commissioner on the needs of Disabled persons-It was an informative & interactive workshop where different Govt. Officials & few NGO’s participated. A lot was learnt about the facilities that are available for the disabled person. It was also a right platform to voice our needs.

Foundation Day- Celebration of our Foundation day was done with fun, frolic & food at Victoria Memorial. Beneficiaries, parents & family members participated in the programme & enjoyed a lot.

Annual Picnic- Annual picnic was held at Geonkhali on 18th December. The beneficiaries along with some parents enjoyed the picnic. Games, food, Cricket match were the added attraction of the picnic. Few attractive prizes for the winners made it a memorable event.

Poila Baisakh – The day was celebrated at Vivekananda Pathagar with a small cultural programme & an awareness session for the parents. Dr. Rima Mukherjee was the chief guest & a speaker of the session.

Excursions- Two excursions were organized in this year. Taki & Bak khali were the two attractive destinations. Both were enjoyed by the beneficiaries a lot.

Awareness Programme for the parent’s & Family members- To help the parents to learn the appropriate management techniques for their affected child an awareness programme cum workshop was organized. Parents were made aware of symptoms & learn crisis intervention techniques.

Communication Techniques-A programme to learn age appropriate & situation appropriate communication technique was done for the beneficiaries. Regular follow up after it helped them to overcome their shyness, inappropriate behaviour & communication patterns.

Celebration of Rakhi . Holi & other festivals –Turning Point since its inception has celebrated all the festivals with fun, food & cultural programmes. Beneficiaries develop a healthy relationship & bondage through the regular group activities.


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