Computer as a medium for awareness
 and communication

Awareness & communication

Due to stigma, due to hopelessness, due to fear of rejection the sufferers often try to avoid interacting with the society. This creates a barrier. Computer often acts as an effective tool to remove this  barrier. A person feels free & safe to experiment with computer. It creates a criticism free atmosphere where they are learning to control a machine. These persons used to think that that they have lost control of their life& so dare not to control others. Controlling a machine helps them to regain their self-confidence. Computer being a modern gadget they feel proud to learn it.

They get the pleasure & confidence that they too can learn something new, something valuable in life.

Interaction with other sufferers though Internet gives them a chance to interact with others without being afraid of developing a negative self-image. Being overly sensitive, these persons are often afraid to meet anyone. They often fear that they may create a negative image in the eyes of others. They often want to hide their face or entity in the fear of creating negative image, which is very painful to them.

Computer helps them to interact, communicate themselves freely keeping them in disguise. Once they gain back the lost confidence, they feel free to communicate directly with the society. This helps them in social rehabilitation process.

Effects of vocational training- Work therapy works wonders in case of people with schizophrenia especially if they earn through it. The economic freedom adds value to their life & the QOL increases. Once they gain back confidence- these persons act as a resource person in vocational   training program. After their recovery, they too act as a teacher & give trainings to other victims of mental illness & help in the process of rehabilitation.

Group therapy- Group therapy always promotes the feeling that my problem is not unique one & that too can recover like othersí

Information of recovery from sufferers throughout the world íV often acts as group therapy session where they can chat & discuss their difficulties & search for a probable solution.

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