Rehabilitation through computer

The world scene of schizophrenia & other mental illness. 

The two international multi-centric studies organized by the world health organisation (W.H.O) namely the international pilot study of schizophrenia (IPSS) initiated in 1965 & determinants of outcome of severe mental disorder (DOSMED) initiated in 1977 have fairly well established that schizophrenia occurs in all parts of the world, both in the developing & industrialized countries( WHO 1979, Sartorius et al 1986 Jeblensky et al 1992)

It has also been seen that the prognosis of the disease is better in developing countries (WHO, 1979, Jeblensky et al 1992) like India ( Desjarlais et al, 1995). Different explanations were given out of which tolerance of odd behaviors by families; support from the joint families & community play a major role.

Researchers think may be the social support along with lack of  awareness & medical model, which tends to prove it, as a hopeless disease- is actually the cause for good prognosis. Even then the difficulty in India lies in lack of professionals  compared to the magnitude of the problem, lack of funds needed for rehabilitation centers.

Machines like computers along with necessary information through IT can work wonders in case of disability arising from dreaded disorders like schizophrenia. It has been found through three years of study that computer have a very important role in the life of person with  mental illness. Empowering these impaired through the latest gadget often  proved to be economically viable project to solve the problem. Disability arising out of mental illness can be handled effectively through computer & Internet.

It has been seen that this modern gadget, which is sometimes believed  to make a man loner, has been actually acting as the bridge between the  persons suffering from mental illness to the society in general. The disabled person also gains confidence & courage as they gain control over the machine. Gaining control over the machine helps them to gain control over their life.

The product of Science & technology has been seen to revolutionized Human Life not only in material level but also on personal level- helping the disabled to gain control over their lives. 

Empowering the impaired through computer & IT has proved to be a needed solution to the most dreaded problem of modern world disability arising out of mental illness.

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