Computer for reducing stigma

One of the biggest stumbling blocks to provide adequate services for the patients is the stigma against schizophrenia. Among the general public, there continues to be an attitude of fear, disgust & a desire to avoid patient suffering from the disease. Even persons from medical  profession continue to have the prejudices & think it to be a °•hopeless incurable medical disease.

In case of other disabilities-they can be perceived by the people& thus receives adequate empathy, but people generally cannot recognize the problems & challenges of persons with mental illness & so their problems remain unnoticed. Facilities, grants from government are also limited due to the same reason.

In this background proper utilization of computers as an aid to awareness & psycho education; as a medium to earn money; as a process to communicate with others & form Self Help group is needed. With this framework in mind Computer training was started 8 years back for the controlled group.


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