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From the desk of the Secretary :
Ishita Sanyal

Founder Secretary, Turning Point, a mental rehabilitation center.
Director Disha, a child guidance center.
Member of WFSAD (World Fellowship for Schizophrenia & allied disorder)
Indian Representative of ISPS (The International Society for Psychological Treatment of Schizophrenias & other Psychoses)
Director of NAMI, India, Eastern Region.

Mental health is a field, which still remains less traversed by people in general. Even today, after so many awareness programmes and TV. serials people have stigma attached to the word “mental illness”. People generally go to a Psychiatrist or a Psychologist as the last resort. So, often when a person visits our center the problem he is suffering from has become a chronic one.

The stigma is there in the society, which affects the sufferer and the family members too. They suffer from a feeling of shame and guilt.
I feel surprised when I see that the parents whose children are suffering from the disorder use the word “pagol, chagol” to other sufferers- whose conditions are even more critical. As long as we stay with this sort of stigma- how do we expect the society to change? How do we expect that people will have empathy towards the sufferers- when we, being the family members cannot show it to others?
Apart from psycho education, awareness programmes, what the parents and the family members need most is to change their attitude towards not only their own family members but also to others who are suffering day in and day out. As long as the parents will have “my child” feeling and will only opt for best facilities for his own child alone- it is difficult to improve the quality of life of these sufferers and really bring a change in the society. Parents and family members must develop “our children” feeling towards the other sufferers and must be emphatic to them too. One must come out of narrow selfishness to really do something for them, to make their life easier.
When family members and parents will think that all parents in the family group are like members of the same family and will all try together to achieve our goal-only then we can reach near to our goal and make the life of our affected family members smoother and healthier. Turning Point hopes that all family members will come closer to make our dreams a success.

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