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On 12th April, 2009 the first batch of Social Therapy completed their course in India 

On 12th April, 2009 the first batch of Social Therapy completed their course in India. Social Therapy is a postmodern psychotherapeutic approach which is a performance based therapy, empowers individual, initiates growth & development of every & any individual & far away from labeling a person on the basis of his illness. The last but not the least it is based on Eastern philosophy. The course has been started in collaboration with East side Institute New York which from where Social Therapy is taught worldwide.

The founder of this course is not Fred, it is Fred Newman. The course is designed for development & growth of all & is not specific only to people who are suffering from any disorder.

The students of schools are benefited from it as it aims to make a child a true learner, let them experience & find meaning in learning, making them not bogged down in right & wrong issues of learning- rather to explain the true meaning of every chapter. In class everyone is doing what he is good at- if he is good in mathematics he would raise his hands to answer the question. Those who are weak- do not raise hands & try to remain away from teachers & start hating the subject. They do not learn to explore, find meaning in something & are worried about right & wrong issues. Improvisation & games of Social Therapy help the child to explore, create a positive learning environment. According to Fred Newman in order to learn human beings have to do what we do not yet know & working in a group helps one to enrich their knowledge & learn something from the environment. This is true for elders too. So the students of college too would be benefited from it.

The students of Social therapy shared their own experience of the course through some poems. Ishita Sanyal, Director Of Social Therapy, India emphasized that we are often over determined by societal roles & obligations & so we perform the same role throughout our life. We feel afraid to challenge it & perform differently. Social Therapy urges one to become active creators of their lives & perform differently. It helps one to see age from a different angle. Death is a truth & it is not that one is near it when he is 85 & not at 18. When we think we are old we become passive & alienated from the society & stop living. That is the reason of depression, anxiety & other problems when a person is becoming aged.

Listening is very important & corporate are spending millions to learn to listen. Social Therapy helps them to be a true listener where a person is experienced as a whole human being & where a listener can free himself from a preconceived notion of what he wants to listen from the speaker.

No one is borne with a script in hand. We perform throughout our life in all situations that life presents. The improvisation of Social therapy helps an individual to explore different options, explore his performance in different life situations.

The students of Social therapy presented a music that is built creatively to vent out all the negative emotions of life. Often we feel restless, or have repressed anger that needs expression creatively & Social Therapy helps you to creatively express it. The games & improvisation presented by Social therapy student was different from what we see in regular life.

The Director of American Library Mr. Sushanta Banerjee was one of the guests for the programme who also personally took part in an unique debate presented by the Social therapy which has a rule not to negate anyone’s idea but to accept it by saying YES & adding & to it one can add his or her opinion.
The course on Social Therapy would be beneficial for school, college student, for professionals, for managers in corporate houses, for NGO’s working for developmental issues & also for professionals working for people with disability, for people who are aged. Dr. Abir Mukherjee, Dr. Sabyasach Mukherjee echoed the need of Social in the health of a person.Shakkar Chakraborty, Arghya Kusum Dutta emphasized the role of performance in human life.

Ishita Sanyal, who is the first person from India to have completed Social Therapy & who has recently won Rashtiya Gaurav Award distributed the certificates to students of Social therapy.



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